Assistant Team Leader | Broker

Fiona Wheeler


Fiona has been a real Estate agent for 24 years in Atlanta. She has been accredited with CRS, ABR, and
Eagentc, all of which require hours of Continuing Education.
Fiona-Jane started with Prudential Georgia Realty in the late 90’s and was blessed enough to have a
great Mentor who now is the VP of the whole of the South East region for Berkshire Hathaway…formally
Prudential Georgia Realty. With this mentor’s help Fiona-Jane became one of their top agents within 3
years, earning Multi Million Dollar awards as well as attending many classes to learn how to “get to the
next level”…all the while realizing that without this education she wouldn’t be achieving her numbers at
In 2000, Fiona-Jane was promoted to Assistant Broker where she had to train classes every other day to
new and seasoned agents, a part of her new career that she came to love.
After being recruited to Keller Williams Realty as an Assistant Team Leader and then the Director of
Education and Productivity, Fiona-Jane started to write her own classes on various topics and began to
realize just how important a great training calendar is , and how valuable CE training is to new and
seasoned agents.
Fiona-Jane was then recruited by Solid Source Realty to be on their Broker Team and taught under the
Clarity School banner, to potentially 2700 agents, enjoying the interaction and discussion during every
class. After a few short months Fiona-Jane was promoted to be the Qualifying Broker for Solid Source
Realty, GA., which proved to be both challenging with so many agents and very rewarding being able to
implement and write new training material to help these agents achieve their goals.
Fiona-Jane returned to Keller Williams in 2012 as the Assistant Team Leader/Director of Career Launch
and enjoyed coaching new agents and training all levels of agents in the market center. She was a
member of Maps Coaching, and with much help from her coach, achieved great results with the Sandy
Springs new agents. While she was in this role, she vacillated between first and second position in the
Maps Coaching program for coaching new agents from just a few transactions to multimillion dollar
Fiona-Jane is a hard/smart worker with a love of real estate and helping people achieve their
goals/dreams real estate wise, with as little stress as possible.
Real Estate has been and still is a great career to Fiona-Jane and her family since arriving in Atlanta in
1995 from England. She has learned so much and gained so many friends throughout the industry,
which has proved to be advantageous when helping to solve Broker compliance or potential legal issues
with other Atlanta based brokerages.

Fiona-Jane continues to learn and grow, and hopes to be able to help many more agents achieve their
goals and dreams, all the while making it fun and being an asset to her market Center, all the while
building a legacy that her daughter can someday be proud of.