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Meet the people who make Keller Williams Community Partners the Best Real Estate Office in Georgia.

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Why We’re Different

Keller Williams Community Partners is teaching its agents to think like CEOs

The local realty office is in the heart of Cumming at 540 Lake Center Parkway. Serving the community for more than 15 years, KWCP provides it’s agents with a state of the art training development center offering leadership, solutions, models, systems and the right culture to lift the lid and remove any cap to success and potential!

With a leadership team of more than 20, the foundational principle “Everything rises and falls on leadership” rings true.

KWCP has uniquely created programs for their agents to excel and follow a clear path of direction under their Leadership Academy. Brand new agents follow a Roadmap To Success including mentorship, modeling, and accelerated growth!

Seasoned agents become industry leaders through business growth consulting, team development and structure, and engage a new conversation around building wealth through investment properties, property management, commercial, and luxury.

KWCP offers training on technology, branding, social media, marketing and understanding market trends, all of which is helping agents spark a paradigm shift for its 250 agents.

Historically, the role of a real estate agent has largely been dependent on the broker, essentially working for the broker’s brand. Instead, Keller Williams encourages and trains agents to have their own brand identity and value proposition.

“We are creating a new conversation in real estate in that we are training our agents to think like Ceo’s” – Fiona Wheeler

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